>Silence is… Shamefull

>My Brother had asked me to come over on Thursday to watch Smallville, for those of you not familiar. Smallville is a TV show about how Superman came into being, well, superman. I used to watch this (and many other shows) religiously and practically arranged my life around them. I would tape the shows sometimes (By tape I mean an actual Tape not DVR) when I absolutely could not be there in time. I could see the anticipation in him as we chilled out waiting for it to come on and it reminded me how I had felt the same way at times. I am not at all saying that what he was doing was bad, Don’t get me wrong. But it just made me think about my own life. When was the last time I was that excited about God? Still you can sit back and say “well TV is entertainment and God is just God” I was sitting last night at a High School football game and there was hundreds of people around me, Mostly teenagers! I began to look around and just wonder about them all and just what it is that they are all going through! I believe God is real. I know it. Do they know? Can they see the excitement on me about a God that is so amazing that he can save each of us. And do it in a personal and unique way with us all. Am I displaying the Love of God that people think I am crazy? I want to be that person. I truly do and yet at the same time. It scares the heck outta me! I have to ask myself this question. What is there to be afraid of? Here are the answers I came up with
-People will look at me like I am crazy
-People will reject me
-I might seem like an insane Jesus Freak
-I may be associated with Christians that are a bad portrayal of Christs Love for us all
When I look at each one of these I realize one thing, And that is that they all are concerned more with what People think, Than with what God thinks! I say I am a follower of Christ, I say he is with me always, But it makes me a wimp when I care what people think. I am too much of a punk to tell anyone about the Truth. His is a kingdom that can not be shaken! My prayer today is that we would all lose our lives for him. Especially me,
Now I think what might happen if I say nothing, show nothing, stay seated
-Someone might never know him
-People may go to Hell
-God will be ashamed of me, Just as I was ashamed of him
-I am NOT like Christ, He loved too much to let people continue to live destructively, I pray I can be more like him!

Romans 10:13 For whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved,
14-How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher?


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