>Praise and Malfunction?


So as you may or may not know I am worship leader at my church. All that means to me is that I am the voice that is loudest (only because I got the Mic baby) but seriously, Some days everything that could possibly go wrong, Does!! And honestly I try not to let it bother me. I don’t think God cares how great we as a team sound (not that we want to sound bad or dont strive for excellence). The truth is things are always going to malfunction. As long as its not a “wardrobe malfunction”.Right? As I learned from years being a maintenance Tech; Everything built by man will eventually break! I dont care if its Foreign, Domestic, Pc, or Mac and not to mention my personal favorite, Operator Error! Thats good for me as a repairman. But what is all this anyway, why do we do this? Every church service is the same, We go in sing a couple songs, listen to some Dude tell me about how sweet God is and then strum a couple bars at the end and go home.
I’ve found for sure that the times I live my week that way that it is not as fullfilling, all the songs are just songs, just music, just words! And conversely when I take my whole life and live it in worship to God, A song service is incredible. Everything I sing is so true. I’ve seen God and know he’s real. He doesn’t feel so far off. Taking and living out the truths I learn is difficult, but extremely gratifying. One thing I have learned is that when I give my life and time to him, Crazy things happen, and I know that there is no other way, other than God did it. Serving God is the true act of worship. Because I do it with out selfishness in mind, its all about him, not me! To show the world who he is. And then sunday worship time is exciting, all the things I am singing about are so true. I can sit back and say, Yea thats the truth, Yep God you are awesome, and wow you really do love me, and I love you too!
Nothing is ever going to go as smoothly as we plan, But that is not what the service was about anyway. And God isnt interested in joining in our plans, but only wants us to join him in his.


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