>Free! -style

>Im constantly arrested by the manifest presence of the blessed, tried true stood and was tested,
He told me I was free, I could do it if I believe, Told the boogey man He cant squeeze me
Instead I roll forward, not looking back in constant horror, Not condemned as a pillar of salt,
or smushed together like a mound of asphalt, never do I halt, My heart is like a catupult, shooting me like a bronze dagger, I stroll intently with a wicked swagger,
My truths grounded in the everlasting, My Body No longer a form but a molten casting,
Shaped and molded in the intense fire, His will becomes my desire,
Now knowing I am steadied by this intense glowing, Consumed to the point of blowing,
In constant state of knowing, I am a beacon now set apart, With a force pulled deep, seeking and searching my heart, from this truth, only wickedness departs, I am no king Im only the messenger, Bestowed with wings, Carried on a rocket that zings, never to be layed to eternal rest, But if only to have been able to withstand the test!
staring into the eyes of destruction was the failing way,
Instead never an alien abducted from this path do I stray,


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