>O- My- Bama

>New president, new post. i heard a speech by the new prez, and I was deeply saddened. He was speaking to a group called plan parent hood which is apparently for abortions. He started his speech by saying “I would like to thiank you all for your work you do for women everywhere and Men, who have enough sense to know your helping them too.” It was a joke and the crowd of course laughed, I was on the other hand disgusted. To make a joke about killing babies, That is just Lunacy. I cant even imagine someone saying something like that (or people voting for that person). Anyway, I know that Obama supports Abortion. And many people say “NO one is FOR abortion” But whatever helps you sleep a t night right? Anyway, I try not to judge, Who am I too anyway! but for someone to support partial birth abortion is sick to me,and abortion as a form of birth control! How can anyone say that> When I found out that people are actually promoting abortion as a form of birth control, I was in shock. Where in the world have we gone as a nation. I just cant believe, The idea of abstinence as birth control is seen as a crazy idea and this form of birth control is acceptable to people. Maybe people just want to live in a society where there are no consequences to our actions, You get pregnant, throw the baby out in the trash and get a do over.
My late wife had an abortion, due to health reasons. She regretted it every day that she was still alive, I now look back and think about it all. I know that nothing can ever change what happened, and there’s no use trying to go over it all, But even the doctors acted as though there was no other choice. This was the only way to save Rach, Or risk losing them both. Where was my godly counsel then, I didn’t look for it, My hope and trust was not in Christ, My faith was in the words I heard from Doctors, I had one choice and one alone, I hope that I have grown since then, I am sure I would be quicker to get Godly counsel and listen to God speak to me now. All that just to say this, I would hope that our trust is in GOD. Obama is in charge of our nation, And in the bible it says everyone is in position because HE has put them there, I will not put my trust in a man, any man, Only on the solid rock of Christ, We all have to pray for him, That’s our job now.


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