>Ready.. Set.. Wait a min.

>Okay so I have had an interesting week to say the least! Heres the short version… I’m an idiot!! haha no jk .. heres the real story. I lost my keys in the snow…
It was a snowy afternoon and I had had just left work. The crystalized snow shimmered on the ground as I sat comfortably in my now nice warm car. I never exceeded 20 mph, But did I care? Not a single bit. My little car pulled itself along the nicely marked out tracks that all the previous vehicles had blazed for me. The intersection was piled on pile of snow and so I kept moving for fear of getting stuck in it. Thereby adding misery to all the other drivers already slow moving drudgery. I went straight to my brothers home where I knew I would have to get out into the blistery weather. I cranked my heat as to offset my temp so I would not feel as cold when I stepped out. I thought “if I get too hot It will only feel good when I get out Right?” I hit the gas and went full speed into a drift of snow where there was once a parking spot. My vehicle stopped just short of my intended space as the snow fluttered to the ground all around me. “Good enough Ill deal with it later ” I thought to myself. I stepped out and the blistery wind hit my eyes and only for a moment it wasn’t so bad. I then hooked my keys on my belt loop. (or Did I?) I wiped off the snow and put My little nephew in and drove my Sister to her Party! I must admit driving the Durango with all wheel drive was quite an escape from my normal routine in my tiny Honda. This time I was the one blazing the trails for all the other drivers to follow. It truly gave me a sense of strength to have some power over what happens as opposed to being subject to it. At any rate I moved on. The rest of the evening was full of its usual conundrumness, if thats even a word. My brother and I even ventured out to tackle the delicate subject of buying the woman you love the perfect gift. Known to men the world over as the yeti or bigfoot of the season. Even if its a falacy its still fun to hunt for that elusive item. The point of the story may be coming I can feel it!
So Dinner was over, Gifts were bought and the excitement of the hunt had died down. Time to warm up the car and dig it out. God bless the Snow plow, He is only trying to do his job. And cake snow all around the vehicle that had been stuck there all day! God knows that must give the driver some kind of excitement, to push snow all around the car that sits annoyingly in his way. I thought about moving it earlier for him, but just never had the right moment. So there we stood, Two men who had defeated the the snow many times. We stared at the pile of snow as if we were about to go to war. I think somewhere in the background I heard some horses snuffing from the cold and their hooves digging in the ground. We stood, Shovels in hand just waiting for the big pep talk before mighty fight! The adrenaline pumped though are fingers and we no longer felt the cold. I think behind us, the archers had already strung their bows, the fierce fire dancing at the end of their arrows laughing in the face of danger. At least that is how I remember it anyway. Just one last important task before the charge. Grab the key and GO! Okay… wheres the key? The rest is hisory… its lost in there somewhere. Somewhere between here and there, The battle was lost before it ever began.
The moral of the story is what you want it to be. I was defeated maybe by the snow, maybe by hurried preoccupation, and anticipation clouding my mind taking me from the task at hand. If Your always looking ahead you will surely miss(or in my case lose) whats right in front of you.


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