>Sounds Heavenly ???

>Man, I have been just thinking about worship the past few days…  The word worship, I hear it and I think of music. After-all I am a “Worship Leader” .   I like to think of myself as the song leader at my local church.   I cant make anyone Worship!   And honestly I wouldnt want to or intend to…  I am the song leader though…  I tell everyone where the song is heading.  (Or so i try at least)  

I guess I was thinking about Bible times and how something would happen and then they would worship! Not just the Worship leader, EVERYONE!!  How great is that.  I know it says the words to their song in the bible, But just thinking about it, I couldnt imagine that there was someone who ran into the back room, put together some perfect lyrics.  Then grabbed the “Band” and made sure they all were “Tight”…   Then ran out and put the words up on a tablet so everyone knew the exact words and that (Tablet) (holder Better not screw up the order of the slides eh.. hem I mean tablets))…..     Come on!!   where are we as christians/churchgoers/ lovers of God.. that we cant just Worship Our God that created us.    They didnt need to even know the Lyrics…. They had a song in their heart already..   They already knew what to say.  They didnt need someone to lead them…  When did a song service become so self centered and not God centered.   I like to think they already lived this way it was a way of life for them..  When things went great , they worshipped, when things went bad, they worshipped.  
God never said worship me at a song service.  He only deserves to be worshipped.  The Noise that we call worship to God isnt our hearts cry to him…   The sounds that are soo (or maybe in your case Not sooo) pleasing to our human ears dont even matter to him.  He cares about us..   I can sing a song that tells about God all day long, but if thats not my hearts words he doesnt even hear it..   My prayer for today….

I pray that the sounds that come from me would glorify my God that created me..   Lord let the words that come from my heart always glorify Your name.  Help me to die to my self centered worship and learn to die to you..  Let the noises that we call songs be a pleasing sound to your ears and not to ours.  Break my way of thinking and help me to remember that this life is all about You… so I can praise you everywhere i am from my heart in truth.   Thank you for LOving me I know I dont deserve it.   

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