>Help ME?

>Psalm 84:12 O Lord of Heavens Armies, What Joy for those who trust in You. Earlier in the same Psalm it says what joy for those who’s strength comes from the Lord, and What Joy for those who can live in Your house. and my favorite verse 2 With my whole being, Body and Soul, I will SHOUT joyfully to the living God. The common Thread throughout the Psalms is Praise and Joy. I have read the whole book and it is awesome. I want to start over again from the beginning, in fact I think I might. God is real, God is Alive. In times of great distress the writers of Psalms decided to Praise God. When You praise God and remember his goodness, you in turn are filled with Joy. It’s not always that you ask for it. Its only that He loves us enough to give it to us. I have experienced this first hand. There is a verse in there that says…The Lord is close to the brokenhearted, He comforts those who are crushed in spirit. I have felt crushed many times. None more so than when my wife Rachael Passed away. I cried out to God and he gave me joy. I never understood how He did, How it was even possible, In fact I still don’t. I don’t need to understand. I only need to be thankful that I have him to lean on. He carried me, He gave me strength I didn’t know I had, And he gave me Joy If You can believe that!. In turn it only made me want to praise him more. God Is so great. So this week I learned a few more lessons about joy, Here is one.
I showed up late to the building, The time was ticking away. I had no desire to do the task at hand. I also had no choice, the job was mine alone and if no one else came through I knew I had to. I know we have all been there a time or two. So I walked in and figured I could just git-R-Done quickly. Then as I looked ahead my entire plan unraveled. There was now twice as much to do and I was twice as hopeless as before that I would ever get done. I complained to myself slightly for a moment as I began. I thought about all the reasons I alone was stuck with this load. Then I remembered a Psalm. I lift my eyes up to the Lord, where does my help come from, My help comes from the Lord, Maker of Heaven and Earth. That’s the song version, but you get the idea. I looked up and made a decision. I said to the Lord, ” God shouldn’t I be joyful at the fact that I get to serve You? Shouldn’t I too praise You when obstacles arise? Shouldn’t I just be Overwhelmed with Joy at the fact that you saved me.? How meaningless is this task, And How is my bad attitude going to make my situation any better?” I then began to work with a whole different mindset. Praising Him. Just then 1 person showed up and began helping. And I make no exaggeration but not even 5 minutes later 2 more people showed up and we finished the task with ease. Every opportunity is one in which we can learn. I learned a lot that day and I hope I can remember the next time I face a meaningless frustrating task.


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