>I know I know…

>This summer has been an amazing one, I feel as though I have gone leaps and bounds beyond where I was a year ago. It was only then That I became a Worship Leader. I still can’t beleive that God can use someone like me. I am challenged more and more everyday and now it seems every time I step into work in the Morning I wonder how I can be better and Shine HIS light more. I don’t know how every day brings a new and different challenge, But somehow it always does. In everything I do I wonder how I can be more like Jesus. Things that I once never questioned I now question. Is Christ the center of my life? I find myself wondering that more and more. This summer started with a challenge.
The challenge… To read the whole bible in a summer. Can I do it? Do I even want to accept this challenge? Iv’e read a lot of the bible but never from cover to cover. And honestly theres a lot in there that I skipped over in the past and ruled out as irrelevent. I know I am not alone here on this point. Come on. I mean honestly The New testament is so much more interesting Right? Wrong! Was I ever wrong. I openly admit I was completely and totally wrong about everything I ever thought about the book that sat closed on my dresser far more than open. I looked at the task as just that, A Task. And through it God showed me so much more. The word of God is so amazing and Now I look back and what started as 13 chapters a day turned into Reading about Life. As I read and read I craved more and more. God is awesome that way. The things I once thought I understood He shows me there is so much more to it. I still havent finished it, Im coming up on the New testament and I know that God has so much more to teach me. Here is what I read today.
1 Corinthians 4:18 Stop deceiving yourselves. If you think You are wise by the worlds standards,
You need to become a fool to be truly wise. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God. God Knows the thoughts of the wise, He knows they are worthless.”
So basically as one wise man once said “Im a just a worm” compared to God

Every time I think I KNOW God or I KNOW about God , God comes in and shows me I know nothing. Somehow he still uses me, It all makes sense to him. I walked in the break room today To buy a oatmeal creme pie out of the machine. My co-worker looked at me and said “Whats that your reading.” I showed him my Bible and said “The BIBLE” and he looked away and said sarcastically “Thats interesting” and so I said “Yea actually It’s very Interesting” . and it is read it You will see!

“The worm”


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