>Happy birthday

>Today is me and Rach’s anniversary, and Saturday was her birthday. Okay well it would be if she was still alive. It would be 7 years. Wow that is a long time and 3 years without her is just as long. I was thinking about her this morning. The good and the bad. Not only that but it made me think how different my life might be if she was still here. Of course its all hypothetical because she is far better off where she is now. But loss is something that really grabs your attention in life. It could be the loss of a friend or the most annoying kind of loss, Losing your keys.”I KNOW I JUST HAD THEM A MINUTE AGO!!!” Either way it really makes you pay attention to the way that you are living. It makes you think about your habits and all the little things that you do that have become a part of your life. And the biggest thing it does is make you realize what you need to change. When i lost Rach I knew the thing I needed to do was to appreciate the time I have with those I love. It made me realize that I don’t have forever and neither do they so better make the most of it. And also to live my life that it points everyone to Christ and His love. Another thing I now know because of it, is that God is in control of every situation. He took her and though her life was short she made an impact to those close to her. At her funeral there was so many people the room was packed and everyone was telling stories about how great she was. That was awesome and it was a time of celebration because her suffering was over and the next time we see her…wow that will just be awesome.

But the fact is God really got a hold of my heart in that time. He showed me where true Joy is. He showed how to look past myself and see others and the situations they are in. Stop judging them and have Christ-like compassion for them. I don’t know how different my life would be if she was here, but I know God knows better than me. He had a plan in the whole thing to draw me and others closer to Him. I don’t get why God does things and I never will but I do know this. No matter what situation you are going through if its good or bad, God wants to use it for his glory. And He wants to draw you closer to him. Can you see Him? Now where did i put those keys..

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