>tweetle deeetle eet

>I was listening to the radio today and heard an interesting topic. Twitter! okay it was about the bible and twitter. There is a Worship Leader who decided that he was going to read a chapter of the bible every day. After reading he will then send out a tweet on what he read. There were people calling in to the show expressing their concern that this was a dangerous idea. One caller remarked that no one should take or add to the words of the bible. I am a little shocked that anyone would ever assume that a person might take someones twitter comment as the definitive truth. Is this even a debate. When did twitter become a way to teach and learn. I could just as well say the same argument about a physics book. Ill take a chapter a day and tell you in 140 words or less what I thought. And that is all it is… a thought, an idea, one mans opinion. I doubt i would find one intelligent human being that would honestly think that by reading my post, they have understood and comprehended an entire textbook. On the other hand I think its a great way to flood a otherwise mundane technology with the word of God, as small as it may be. I think we have a lot more to worry about in this life than parts of the bible on twitter.


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