No car+no money=gift

>I had the privilege at one point in my life to have a car given to me. It was a Gold and rusted pontiac sunbird(Imagine all that beauty). It was basically a car that no one would ever want… That is, unless you had no car. When you have no car, even the ugliest one on the road is the greatest thing in the world. You can go to work and make money so you can fix it when it eventually breaks (yea it will). The windows probably wont work and the air, air whats that! Your lucky if the heat works. I guess I can say that i have been there. I know how it feels to only have one car. I know how it feels when that car breaks and the desperate feeling you get hoping that it isn’t a major problem. I have also had the opportunity to give a car away and help pay for another. What makes it more amazing for me is that I know how it feels to get that (busted) car that you couldn’t live without. Well you could live, you would just be a lot thinner from walking everywhere.
So an amazing thing happened. I had some…
extra cash and wanted to help someone out. Naturally my mind thought about a car. I would love to use this money to help someone get a car. Then came my dilemma, How? I don’t know anyone that needs a car and if I did I don’t have nearly enough for a even a halfway decent one. So naturally I did the next best thing. I prayed. Actually, Alyssa and I both prayed and hoped that We could put this money in the right hands. We didn’t know what to do with this gift, but we knew God did. If it was for a car, for food, or for rent, we didn’t care. I think it’s so cool though that God knows the littlest details in our lives. I found out today that after we had put that money in an offering for a needy family, that they were able to get a car! A van, to be exact (come on who doesn’t want a mini van). I was almost in tears hearing about this. That money could have gone anywhere and to anyone. But I serve a God that is bigger than anything and he made sure it went  toward a vehicle. Sure it helped that family out and I am sure they are grateful. But it is so cool what He did for me too. He helped me to see him, and his sovereignty. Which is just a fancy way of saying that He is in control of every single situation.  It’s Humbling and Amazing, What else can I say…

Thanks God for showing me that you care about the little things in my heart. Thanks for showing me that you not only care for the needy but you care enough about me to let me be a part your plan. We gave it to you and you did better than we ever could have done on our own, Far better. You took what little we had and multiplied it for your glory! Should I break into song here… There must be a hymn about this somewhere
To God be the glory…


1 thought on “No car+no money=gift

  1. >Love when God blesses more than just the gift receiver, he's so personal! Giving (in whatever form) definitely is better than receiving, thanks for the reminder.

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