Who’s your Daddy…


Before Julian (my Son) was born all the fathers that I talked to told me that it would be the greatest experience of my life. I didn’t know what to think and to be honest I didn’t feel much of anything… Yet.
It was a freezing cold dreary morning. I got out of bed and went through my normal routine. I was unusually awake and although I knew that at any moment Alyssa could tell me “it’s time” I didn’t think much of it. I started my normal work routine and was listening to some songs on my phone through my radio. The song turned off and I thought it was strange but kept working. I then Heard the ringing of the company phone over the loud speaker…

Strange, I thought, who would call the shop this early. That’s when It clicked in my mind. “Its TIME you dummy”. Needless to say, the next 6 hours were a blurr and then He (Julian Arredondo… who needs a middle name, really) was here. It was the moment that we had waited for and it was finally here. Words cannot express the joy that I felt when I held him in my arms. I held back the tears just thinking about it all. Alyssa was amazing going through delivery (Thank You God for making me a man). We both sat back later and enjoyed our new and perfect blessing. That was a Good Friday…Here it is 3 months later, another Friday, and I was taking care of the little bubba boy(thats what i usually call him.). He was eating and crying and I was lost (as usual) as to what to do. Alyssa was gone and I was trying(God help me!!!). Mothers just get it in a way a man doesn’t, anyway… He was crying and I picked him up. He slowly stopped but was visually upset still. I turned him toward me and looked as a single tear dripped down his nose and he looked at me with his pouty face. That’s when it happened. Instantaneously my heart was crushed. A single moment in life and it hit me. How is it though that a tiny baby can just break you down in a moment like that? The answer… LOVE

I Love him so much. I didn’t know I would, I hoped I would, But I do. I would do everything and anything for him . He is my boy and he always will be. It all makes me think on this “Good Friday”… Today is the day Jesus went to the cross. He loved his Father so much He would have done anything for him. God Loved us so much he asked Jesus (His Son) to go. Jesus had a choice. He wasn’t a robot, He was a man. He was THE man… He chose the cross out of Love. We read in the bible that we are only Aliens to this world and that one day we will be with God. Jesus said it himself that His kingdom is not of this world. God knew what he was doing. God Loves us as his sons and daughters so much to ask Jesus to go. God also knew that Jesus’ death was only a beginning because His son would now be with Him(God). God has unfailing love for us as his children. In that love, He wants us to be with him also and so therefore the cross was a means to that end. In the end as God’s children we will be with him. The love i feel for my son can’t really compare to God but it helps me to understand it a little better. And we call it “Good Friday”, The day Jesus died. Think about it… God is Good to us… We don’t deserve it, we don’t even have to earn it. It’s just because He loves us.

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