My Gas savings bucket list…

So Since the gas drama is in full swing, I thought I would put my own handy little list together (serious and not so serious) to get in the spirit of frugality. Maybe we can help each other out.   Putting gas in your car is a necessity in life. To get to the places we need to go we need cars and unfortunately cars need gas. As you drive around, those precious droplets of liquid gold are slowly (for some not quite slow enough) disintegrated into oblivion. They’re gone, never to be seen or heard from again. That is, unless you have an exhaust leak. In which case ROLL those windows down! CO is not good for you!! 

Now unless you are willing to move out to a rural area and buy yourself a horse and buggy (horses have a different kind of exhaust, but we won’t get into that) and work toward your goal of self sufficiency (as well as exclusiveness), then we must learn to cope. We can’t just sit by and reminisce about the days when gas was only 40 cents and a gallon of milk wasn’t infused with steroids (supposedly)! We can’t just live the same way as if it might go back to “normal”. I have news for you… Now is the new normal, so buckle up and get used to it. 
We have to be pro active. For those of you, like myself, that are spur-of-the-moment- never-think-ahead type people, this will be more of a challenge. 
Here is my list of things we could do, might already do, or probably never would even want to do.!..
• firstly- how’s about cramming the family in the little, less of a gas eater, vehicle. It’s less convenient on comfort but more import, it’s less burdening on the wallet.
•Secondly-Now I know we all want to believe that we are in an Indy car everytime we get behind the wheel. I think women are even worse than men (yea you know it’s true) except they don’t add sound effects when they turn the corner! I read a study in the Freep that said you can save 2% mpg if you drive more conservatively and take off slower. Ohh it’s blasphemous, is it not! But the proof is in the pudding.
•Now I’m not certain about this, I haven’t done the research, but you could sell your Prius(God forbid) and get a hot air balloon! Of course all the impracticalities arise and cancel out any gains one might get, but I thought I’d throw it out there. BalloonBoy??
• Thirdly- Carpool- yea I thought about adding a pool to my car, it would be sweet! But where would I put the seatbelts, really? Safety first people! If you can… get together with someone going the same place and split costs. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Or you could convince someone that they need to go with you somewhere and then at the last second drop the… Oh you owe me half the gas money Bomb! I don’t recommend this method though, especially if you value your friendships.
•Fourth-I call this one the Dumb and Dumber technique– you could go into town and trade in your gas guzzling behemoth for a 36″ two wheeled wonder of a mini motorcycle. You may find yourself driving up a frigid icy hill with snot frozen to your face, but what’s keeping YOU warm is knowing your getting 78 miles to the gallon in that HOG! Yea… Who’s calling who dumb now!
•Fifth-My personal favorite- Go out and finance a Chevy Volt. With the money i’ll save in gas alone after buying the car i’ll break even after 18.3333 years!! Well I’m convinced how about you! Except for the fact that the car I have now is paid off so with my new payment and extra insurance costs it will end up costing me instead of saving me! Okay so probably not the best plan, but at least in my mind I’ll believe that I was saving money!
•Sixth-Combine trips- all the parents can relate to this one. As a parent, getting everything and everyone ready to go is a process, and I only have one child. Combining trips becomes a necessity since you don’t want to go through all the steps again.
It makes perfect sense to leave early and stop on the way to someplace else instead burning gas on an extra trip later. This is where planning comes into play. If you fail to plan, you plan to…
throw away more money on gas! 
Alyssa is a Jedi master at this, which has made me her padawan learner! Much to learn, I have…
•Seven-Can you drive me method- this one is a tough sell. It’s a combination of carpooling, combining trips and Jedi mind trickery!
Basically ask someone to take you somewhere. Sounds simple enough, right?
Then after they’re committed, let them know you need to make a few more stops along the way!
“A few more”, turns into you getting everything done at little or no gas expense!
I have only heard of this used in theory and then again there may be something stupid and sexy about it all. Of course try this at your own risk and don’t be offended if you get branded because of it!
• Last and certainly not least is the Mcfly cheat– get yourself a skateboard (or a hoverboard) and hold the bumpers of random cars. I am not sure on the legality of this, but if its worth the risk it’s worth a try. I’m thinking I’ll be seeing you soon, Hair flipping in the wind, rolling down I-696 holding on to the bumper of an H2. Happy knowing that although a Hummer gets 7 miles a gallon… You finally found a way to beat the oil Giants. Now just to figure a way to get all those bugs out of your teeth.
 Lets face it, Not all of us could sell that gas hog for a hybrid. We can only do what we can do.
What do you do to save at the pump?
Get creative!!

3 thoughts on “My Gas savings bucket list…

  1. >Yea walk, how did I miss that one!!! which makes me think if you have time to walk you have time to Segway… Now that's thinking green!!

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