Unswerving serving…

There are things in life that we all have to do that we don’t really mind doing and maybe quite rather enjoy. Then there are those things we wouldn’t mind never doing at all, if we could help it. One of those lovely chores is cleaning a toilet…

    Everyone has to do it (mostly everyone). It could be at work or home or school. If you are extremely blessed, you work in a building that has a janitor. I wish my house had a janitor! God bless the janitors and cleaners of the world. Now you know what i say… if you have to clean toilets, the only thing that makes it better is getting paid to do it. Hey, I’m trying to be positive here…  on the other hand , people like myself, are not that fortunate. I work in a smaller Shop and we don’t have someone to clean our wash rooms. I remember when I first started at my current workplace. Over time I began to notice the rest room get increasingly funk-difide (is that a word). Finally I just decided to clean it myself. My thought was and still is, “I work here too, I shouldn’t be excluded just because my job requirements are different than everyone elses.” The person that makes less money is the same as the one that makes more. In other words we all use the same restroom.

As time went by I found myself getting a bad attitude. These thoughts would come in my mind; “of course the mens room is dirty, I’m the only one who cleans it”,  “It will stay dirty unless I do it” and then here’s a terrible one, “Wow someone else actually cleaned in here (other than me), I am in shock.” I forgot the most important fact… It’s not about me.

I took one of my few opportunities to serve my fellow employees and turned it into a self glorifying ritual. It’s sad I know, but I can be honest about it. God… forgive me. If I truly want to follow Jesus I have to serve the way he did and that is a difficult thing to do. Even when we do the right things in life, they are meaningless when we do them with the wrong intentions. That is why God doesn’t judge us by our outward appearance. He judges us by our heart. And in those moments I mentioned, The washroom was sparkly clean but my heart was sour and dirty. I may have started with the right attitude… to serve my co-workers, but then after time, what looked good on the outside was truly diseased inwardly. I had lost my purpose.

Have you ever been there? Are you there now?

Sometimes cleaning a toilet can remind me how to serve as Jesus did.  Today as I stared at the nice clean latrine, I was reminded how dirty I am and yet, because of Jesus…yes I just related myself to a toilet(and jesus to a janitor)… I am now clean. It may (and probably will) go unnoticed when we jump in and do the dirty work to serve our fellow man. It’s not the notoriety that we were seeking anyway. It was and always should be to reflect a heart like Christ. If being like Christ means I GET to do some dirty work just so others can know him, then I’m in. They may not accept Jesus(for now), but everyone appreciates a clean bowl.

Remember your purpose!

Jesus said it perfect.

“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

1 thought on “Unswerving serving…

  1. So I’m ok with no one noticing what I do….I could live without them noticing what I don’t do though! I’m a housekeeper. They sure are happy when the toilets are clean, but they sure are ungrateful when they are not! lol This is good stuff bro

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