Mr. Dad

Good night

There I was sitting down waiting for Alyssa to get ready. A decision had to be made. Not “The decision” like Lebron. It was an important one for me though. I had no plans, nothing to do, and nowhere to go. She was leaving for a “girly” party. You know the type right?… The kind that only women go to, because only women would ever want to go. Imagine this… Here is the invitation… Alright Men, Save the date because this friday we are going to get together and sit and shop in my living room.  Alright who is in!!! Yea that’s never going to go down. But the ladies love it so more power to them. So my dilemma had nothing to do with the party actually.

She said she was going to bring my son Julian with her. Sweet right? As I sat and thought about it, I knew that this would be an opportunity for me to prefer my wife and be a little less selfish… I could take care of the boy for the night so she could go and have fun. It’s not that I don’t love my son or want to be with him. I love all of that. I don’t so much like not knowing what to do when he starts to cry and changing diapers and so on and so forth. It would, on the other hand, be nice for her to not have to worry about doing all that while she goes out. I wanted her to have a break as well, she is awesome and deserves it. I talked myself in and out of it a few times, but eventually I committed.

The night went rather well. I enjoyed my time with my son and why wouldn’t I, He is awesome. Later that night as I sat and watched TV, he started to fall asleep. I set him down on my lap and soon he was sleeping. I could’ve taken him to his crib, but he looked so peaceful and so I left him there for a while. I stared down at him and thought about how much I loved him. I remembered how I felt the day he was born and how much I still cared for him. I couldn’t imagine my life without him and I am so blessed that God gave him to Alyssa and I.

It worked out as it should, when you think of others over yourself you get more out of it. I loved having that time with my boy and just think of all that I would have missed out on if I would have decided to be selfish. I am thankful for that time and pray that I will never forget to take the time to be with him even when i don’t Feel like it.

~~Remember Your Purpose~~


3 thoughts on “Mr. Dad

  1. Every momma needs a break, especially as the babies get older n more come along! Awesome that you realize that, Alyssa n I are lucky to have great men! Looooove the pic of the beaner, wanna kiss his lips off asap!

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