I have a new goal and as simple as it may seem it is one that is quite new and challenging to me.  It is to master the art of the response. I am a frequent communicator via email, amongst other things. It is convenient, Most everyone uses email and checks it on a regular basis. I check my online mailbox far more than my actual mail box at my house. Who really wants to buy a stamp anymore anyway? I also think it is an effective way to communicate to a group of people all at once. Although I have at times become increasingly irritated at the “no response”. I will go as far as to write “please reply” at the bottom in hope to get some sort of reply. How could someone just not reply to something that I need.

As I went through my own inbox the past few days I have made it a point to reply to everyones emails,texts, voicemails. I realized that I am no different.I do the same thing to people all the time. They will message me and as I think about the response, sometimes for days, I leave them hanging.They are, much like myself, probably frustrated thinking that I don’t care, ignored them, or never even got the message. Sometimes I even have had an answer and just forgot to respond. I am a terrible communicator I know. I am sure it happens many times to all of us. I have an email from a friend that is sitting in my box right now that I don’t know how to answer. I was praying that I would not answer out of emotion or disappointment, but that in some way I could be an encouragement to this person. As i sit here now I know that I need to answer it now to continue to fulfill my goal and be a responder. It is the little things in life that stretch me. I could do what is comfortable and just ignore issues, but I know that isn’t going to help at all.

If i want my team to grow I need to grow also. I can’t expect out of others what I can’t even hold myself to. Right now I am just thankful to be a learner. Oh and Feel free to reply.. haha


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