I heart you

Psalm 139:23 Examine me, and probe my thoughts! Test me, and know my concerns! 24 See if there is any idolatrous tendency in me, and lead me in the reliable ancient path!

David’s words ring so clear to me so often. God look inside and search me. I know that I do not even know myself as well as you know me!

The truth is there is more of me inside and there needs to be more of God.

David knew that he had not “arrived”. As awesome of a man as King David was, he still knew he needed God’s help to continue to learn and grow. When you look at yourself today would you say that your doing alright? If so then this is the prayer for you (and me). Just like David we need God to reveal things in us that are leading (even our thoughts) on an idolatrous path. Thoughts that can lead to actions unless kept in check. What’s even more dangerous is that without him we would not even realize it.

Is God trying to get your attention today? He was to me! I stopped and listened and He showed me some things about myself that he wanted me to see. I am thankful for that. I can honestly say though, that today wasn’t the first day He was trying to get me to listen.

I was calling a friend earlier today. I wondered how many times it would take before he answered. I also wondered if he did answer what excuse he would give me why he couldn’t talk, listen, or hang out. After about 3 calls I gave up. Surprisingly, he called me back. Only to let me know how busy he was and maybe he’d call me later in the week. I left that conversation disappointed.

As I sit here now I wonder…How many times have I disappointed God? How many times have I talked about loving him and sang about how he is everything, just to slam the phone down in the name of busy-ness? I want God to search my heart and when He does, it really kind of stings to see the way that I am. I always say I am going to change, but “God knows my heart”. Forget changing my speech, I have to change my heart and mind to match his.


More of Him, Less of me… More of him, Less of me…

Psalm 119:11 In my heart I store up your words,
so I might not sin against you.

Jer 17:10 I, the Lord, probe into people’s minds.
I examine people’s hearts.
I deal with each person according to how he has behaved.
I give them what they deserve based on what they have done.


1 thought on “I heart you

  1. Yeah totally papi! I was just talkin w/ a friend about how different our lives would be if we prayed/read more on purpose. We agreed that if we did we would be better if not on the outside, but on the inside, and that most of our problem was anyway (attitude). But this also made me think of in Ps 39 …
    “Lord, remind me how brief my time on earth will be.
    Remind me that my days are numbered—
    how fleeting my life is.

    You have made my life no longer than the width of my hand.
    My entire lifetime is just a moment to you;
    at best, each of us is but a breath.

    We are merely moving shadows,
    and all our busy rushing ends in nothing.”

    Lord I pray that you would create in us clean hearts, and show us everything hindering us from who you want us to be. I pray we would give all of our days to you to be used by you for your purpose. ❤

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