Oh So Violent

With the violence that took place in Norway it has reminded me of the violent world we live in. Fortunately for many of us it never hits close to Home. I can turn on the news and hear story after story that reminds me of the dangers that are out there. That is close enough for me.

I am not saying that its time to crawl in a cave with my shotgun and shoot off the marauders. But It makes me wonder how someone can say that have recieved inspiration from the Unabomber. Really, when you think inspiration the last thing that comes to your mind should be a mass murderer. YOU can say that these are extreme and isolated incidents. Well okay… but still…

I had to really take a look at the things that are around me recently and ask myself, “Is this something that I want to subject my son to (as well as myself). Sure he is only six months old… so I think differently than I used to, so what!

There are shows that come on and are constantly showing dead bodies, gory murders, and psychopathic tendencies. Each time I watch and shudder to think that someones’ mind can really be that twisted. Am I/we becoming more desensitized with each program? It seems that the movies have had to go further and further into sickening levels of disturbance to continue to captivate their audiences. I don’t know? Maybe I am over-reacting here… Most things like this I don’t even watch anymore, really I couldn’t, it honestly disturbs me what they put forth as entertainment. Thats right, its suppose to entertain. I will just stick to the superhero genre, at least they still try to give their characters values, and teach life lessons.

My nephew Rocky agrees!!

Games, movies, shows… they all try to push the envelope to keep people buying.I know they aren’t going to stop pushing. Me, on the other hand, I’ll keep my nice fluffy envelope right where it is. Call me crazy if you want.


2 thoughts on “Oh So Violent

  1. Your absolutely right to think this way. The world seems to be evolving at an excelerated pace, but what it’s evolving into is not nesiccerly a good place. But on that same not it’s up to the people who care enough tomake a somewhat small difference!

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