Guys… Guard Your Eyes

Alright here goes… This is a subject that I have studied a lot recently and looked to understand the dangers more and more. What could happen if I allow myself the pleasure of a moments glance?

What starts out as something so very small can very quickly spiral out of control.I have read multiple articles on people who have failed in this area. One in particular of a pastor who got so wrapped up in the area of pornography that he eventually went outside of his happy marriage multiple times.

I look at situations like this and think to myself probably the same thing he and all the rest of us think…

That could never happen to me!

That in itself is the most dangerous statement I can imagine…

It captures the heart of innocence, ignorance, and denial all wrapped together. You can throw in a little pride in there as well, after-all I am certainly not as messed up as those that have failed. My relationship with my wife and God is solid.

Okay fair, so… ask her!

Not when your in a hurry, not when the radios blaring and kids are being kids. Sit down ask her and then shutup and listen!

I read an post recently and it had ideas like this:
How can I serve you better? How can I love you better? What do I do that makes you think I don’t love you?
If your brave, go for it, and get ready for some zings! Grab a notebook and start writing!
I did it! It was a good conversation. Just don’t get defensive or start to qualify a thought process.
Remember your supposed to be listening.The truth is I have much to learn still,

I read a quote recently “the grass is greener on the other side but underneath is piles of manure.”

I brought this subject up hoping to get us, just as Ron did (Here is the original post) to think about the ways we guard ourselves from things that can slowly pull our attention away from God. And the area of pornography is a great place to look at.

Here are a few things I do! (to keep from battling an addiction to pornography)

  • look away– it’s not always unnavoidable and modesty is hard to find these days! Don’t entertain thoughts that take you on the wrong path in your mind.
  • Avoid the avoidable– You know it’s there! stop going back to it! As it says in the bible cut your eye off, not literally, but there are things that cause wrong thinking so cut them out of your life! Here are a few I have CUT out.
  1. tv shows– If there are suggestive themes and clothing in a show that are causing you to stumble, then kick it.
  2. Movies– Purity starts in the mind… so don’t ENTERTAIN yourself with impure images causing your heart and mind to wander.
  3. Internet- I absolutely agree that X3 watch is awesome, Mine is sent to Alyssa and Pastor Jay on a bi-weekly basis. But I also know that there are images on sites that aren’t picked up by porn scanners. You know what sites these are. 2 examples I had to cut were facebook (Hot christian singles pop up continuously, haha) and 97.1 the ticket (ticket chicks and hottie contests) they lure you in and like my friend Joe said, your looking for a way around your filters. I cut these websites for good because the bad outweighed the good. It is different for everyone.

I had a friend who was a worship leader that was locked out of his computer unless someone was home with him. It’s extreme but what would you do to guard your holiness and your wife’s or (future-wife).
It is that serious! 

2Cor 7:

1 Therefore, since we have these promises, dear friends, let us cleanse ourselves from everything that could defile the body and the spirit, and thus accomplish holiness out of reverence for God.
Hebrews 13:4
4 Marriage must be honored among all and the marriage bed kept undefiled, for God will judge sexually immoral people and adulterers.
Jesus said even to look lustfully is to act on adultery.
Lets be Men who act instead on, showing the world what a man who Loves Christ really acts like, When people are watching… and when they are not!

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