Neither here nor there

Jesus said in plain words to his disciples… Go, Tell the world, make disciples in all nations!

He said go to the world, He didn’t tell them a specific place to go to…

So why All the world… By knowing Jesus we know that he came to tell the Jews first. When Jesus left I think he was making it clear…

God cares about ALL people… He loves us all and salvation is for us all.

They didn’t get it at first… Peter needed a dream. (Acts 10) The disciples needed to scatter after the persecution of the church(Acts 8:1-4). Was this not Gods immaculate plan to spread his word further.

They didn’t get it at first. He wanted them to tell the world, their world… Every person they saw, knew and didn’t know, and why wouldn’t they tell! It’s a gift. And everyone should be excited to share this gift of hope, freedom and redemption!!!

What’s YOUR world right now? Who is he “calling” you to? He already said to to go. Your world, your mission field, might be your neighbor, your mission field might be your coworker, it might be your family!

Are you taking his commandment to tell your “world” seriously?

To take and share the gift, so others can know what you are blessed to know? When Jesus said all the world, its because he loves all the world and you might be the one that gets to share it with someone in this world! However big or small your sphere of influence is!

Think about it… if my mission field is only far away places and causes, then it relieves me of the duty to have to live my faith out right now, where I am!

I don’t have to be careful to not cause my coworker to stumble because that is not what God called me to. I don’t have to be aware of my actions because I am covered by grace and god knows my heart!

That’s right God knows your heart and he knows that it is deceitful and wicked. Think about it… Your heart isn’t what you want it to be, it is what you put out there every day! If that doesn’t lead to repentance I don’t know what does.

Bottom line God wants you to let others know. We GET to tell others! God says in his word that he will trust us with small things first. Then, when he knows you can be trusted with little, he gives you more.

Your hearts desire today may not include selling everything and leaving all your comforts and gOing to someplace different and living a life of true sacrifice! But what little God has put in your heart today (reaching that person who is lost or letting that one child with no one live in your house) may lead to a large desire to change the world, your world and the world at large! (so be open if God wants to widen your sphere!) either here or there.

Now if you and I can only be courageous with what he has given us today! Maybe he will trust is with the bigger dream we are too scared might come true if we truly surrender!

I don’t know about you but I want to be faithful with what he has for me today, no matter how small it may seem!

Truly humbled to think of what He could do through an open mind and faithful heart! Yours and Mine



2 thoughts on “Neither here nor there

  1. I think that reality in this is to have a heart like Jesus. Be compassionate as he was compassionate. Let your heart break is heart broke!

    The great commission “Go and make disciples of all nations!” Jesus’ heart wasn’t/ isn’t just in far away places or in near places but in both. All over the place! If we want to live as Jesus did and obey his command we need to heart that is for the entire world!

    Sometimes we get lost in the bubble of our reality and home and forget the world isn’t the 10 miles that on an average we navigate through………

    Tell the world!! BE LIKE JESUS!

    Just thought I would add a little more to this……….good stuff!

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