No more Clones please

I am well aware that there are many people out there that do an awesome job. I am not talking about anything in particular, It’s a variety things you and I may admire.

Let’s start with someone you admire!

Think about it… You admire that person for a reason! They are great at what they do and you possibly even aspire to be like him or her in one way or another.

I admire a lot of qualities in a lot of different people. But, what good is my admiration if it becomes Idolization.

My admiration turns to fascination… wow

to inspiration… Teach me your ways

to over-indulgence… I need more

to Worship… so amazing

to straight-up idolization… There IS nothing else

…I cant be the only one here, can I?

What happens in the middle?

I lose sight of who I am. God created me as me. You as You. He really likes us the way he made us!

Instead of taking my admiration and allowing it to spur me on, to learn and be inspired. I instead try to become a cheap Knockoff!

Nobody likes a knockoff, Every one knows it is not authentic! Everyone knows it is trying to be something it isn’t! Everyone else can see it! And there I am hoping they see what it is trying to be.

Some come very close!

Quit trying to be something that you aren’t!

Uniqueness is something that can’t be ignored… It draws you to itself.

It breaks the cookie-cutter mold and tears open the mundane doors and bursts forth with colors unseen and sights so delicious you HAVE to have them!

Let’s celebrate our uniqueness!

You are pretty great already, don’t lose sight of who you are.


1 thought on “No more Clones please

  1. It is true that in the midst of life, I can lose sight of who I am and who I’m aspiring to be, JEsus, forget what I’m doing, my purpose, or maybe It’s just taking too much work or too much patience. Then I see someone or something else, I might think it’s cooler than what God called me to be. So I start to follow it and ironically it’s more work trying to be someone God did not call me to be. So I love this post and I love how you said God loves us the way he made us. And I know he has talents and character he wants to grow in all of us and that’s the best plan to be on!

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