I was looking back in this blog and my (myspace) blog (yea I signed in and it was still there! shocking right?) at the things I wrote about Rach who I lost 5 years ago this night… I found these poems

April 24th, 2008Poem

inspired by life

I’ve sung Songs about believing
It’s so easy when I see the truths that I’ve been reading
You pulled out sorrow from where the root was so strong
And taught me, in your everlasting peace, I belong
You’ve placed joy in a broken and wounded heart
And showed me that God, you and I are never truly far apart

Now here I have a new start
A beginning set in motion by an all sufficient spark
the truths that youll,
never leave me,
never forsake me,
never forget me, are evident all around,
How you placed joy unmeasureable, in my soul no longer bound

now filled with a love so incredibly complete,
And with this overwhelming sense of knowing
you’ve filled my every need!


Oct 5, 2007Poem

So I am so busy lately I barely have time to think,
But the sweet thought of your carress still makes makes my heart sink,
and my eyes they still blink,
each unelloquent moment covered in the veil of uneventful rememberings, so vivid in detail as such beautiful ordain renderings,
but not only sadness to the soul it now brings,
but essential to the spirit to maintain a fondness of the incomplete,
That which was once an impassable feat,
Now feeling it acceptable to appreciate the simple and the small,
for as to the remembrance of that I most recall,
and if even in the leaves begin to turn,
in earnest deliverance my thoughts now burn,
It was only a fraction of a second as I blinked
and In that solemn moment my haert did sink,
But considered it a blessing just to think,
How beatiful You were when You were here
and How lucky I was to Hold you near!,

March 25, 2008Poem

Flooded inside


 Questions that have been pushed dormant, not a single solitary torment, I feel at peace to know you have arrived, where I one day too will reside,If you could see me now, I think you might, have joy to know I am alright, I can feel a change I thought would never come, If only I had hid it until now, somehow I am overcome, This flooding is so unexpected and perhaps just a start of new perception, I think it was easier where I was, But time never stands still and neither can I, In life, in death, in hearts and in step, Theres always something new when you dare to move on.






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