I came across a really cool idea today. On Pastor Chilly’s blog… Check it out here

Pastor Chilly challenged his entire church to write their own Psalm and share it. As I read his, it got me excited (He tends to do that) What a cool idea. I immediately started thinking… What would mine say? So I came home and started writing!

Here it is…

Even from birth You chose me, it was for Your glory

I didn’t know it, I didnt care.

I was carefree, that is how You made me.

I know You fashioned me with the same hands that You made everything I see.

Unique just like every snowflake, and every grain of sand.

It is all so incredible, I can only imagine that is what You think of me too.


All of creation proclaims who You are, so why shouldn’t I?

Just my heart beating all on it’s own is evidence of You.

My lungs inhaling Oxygen and sustaining life is praise all in itself,

so why shouldn’t my lips do the same?

You gave me understanding so I could speak.

My brain telling my lips to move and

my vocal chords to vibrate creating sound from nothing is by your design!

Why shouldn’t my voice praise You too?


Only you create life from nothing and breathe creation.

So my lips should continually speak of Your magnificence

That I could feel You as near as I know You are.


How could I repay? I can’t! so I try to hold You high

You looked inside and still love my soul.

Now I am captured, Even when I fall I am caught by You,

Even when I choose darkness you love me enough to show me the way back,

You made a way out

So I chose it.

I chose your way over mine…

Then I chose my way over Yours

Your ways are better.. Not because I heard it was so…

but You let me do it my way so I could SEE how glorious You are

so I continue to choose You.


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