New Morning

2012-12-25 15.33.30I woke up this morning excited… to see the look on my son’s face. It’s Christmas!! He doesn’t even totally understand what that means. To him it means that when he wakes up, His dada will be home (almost never happens) and will spend the entire day with him. I can’t help but think at times like these that Rachael was right!! She wanted kids more than anything! ME, I didn’t. Now look at me. Excited to spend the day with my awesome wild son and gorgeous little girl and amazing wife.

On a morning like this I can’t help but think about those people in Newtown. I don’t even know them. I don’t know their names. A part of me doesn’t want to know, that I way I can pretend it isn’t real. That it was all just a horrible dream. It was horrible, and for those families it was and is no dream. It is a loss I can barely fathom. I can remember waking up the next day after my wife Rachael passed away. The feelings all come back when I hear the story of Newtown. I can see the sights, remember the feelings, and hear the sounds just like it was yesterday. It is something those families and many more are experiencing this very morning. They aren’t waking up to smiles and laughter. It may seem unreal, but tears are their only comfort and sometimes are the only way to let the emotions loose.

If that is you today, Hold your head high. Celebrate the life that you had the opportunity to be a part of. no matter how long or short it was. Don’t be afraid to talk about them often, and cry if you have to. Just do it. It is all part of the process. You are stronger than you realize and because bad things happen doesn’t mean there isn’t Hope. Celebrate those that you DO still have in your life also!


If you woke up this morning and are surrounded by family and fun and laughter and love… cherish it all

  • hug a little longer
  • Cuddle a little longer
  • Stay up a little later
  • Laugh a little harder
  • Forgive and forget
  • turn off the tv and games and TALK a LOT longer

God is the only constant in this life. You never know what turns life will take tomorrow. So make today matter. My tears today are tears of joy. Tomorrow may be a new morning, with different twists and turns. All we can do is make today matter while we are still here.

Take a moment and pray for those families in Connecticut, and spend some time with those in your family that are alone this season. And never leave without letting the people you love, Know that you love them… tell them.

Merry Christmas




New customers only…

please wait for the next available...

Why is it that the “new” customer gets all the great deals. You know exactly what i mean, when you first sign up for something you get the greatest deal, the cheapest price, and the best equipment. Unfortunately that is where it ends. At that point they got ya. They no longer need to court you. They know that it is a hassle to cancel service, get a new deal somewhere else and pay sign up fees that you already paid in the past. Not to mention you are continually reminded that you are paying more because you see the new customer prices everywhere. You can call and get the “I am sorry sir that pricing is for new customers only” speech if you want. But it will only fuel your anger. Basically the honeymoon is over… Continue reading

No car+no money=gift

>I had the privilege at one point in my life to have a car given to me. It was a Gold and rusted pontiac sunbird(Imagine all that beauty). It was basically a car that no one would ever want… That is, unless you had no car. When you have no car, even the ugliest one on the road is the greatest thing in the world. You can go to work and make money so you can fix it when it eventually breaks (yea it will). The windows probably wont work and the air, air whats that! Your lucky if the heat works. I guess I can say that i have been there. I know how it feels to only have one car. I know how it feels when that car breaks and the desperate feeling you get hoping that it isn’t a major problem. I have also had the opportunity to give a car away and help pay for another. What makes it more amazing for me is that I know how it feels to get that (busted) car that you couldn’t live without. Well you could live, you would just be a lot thinner from walking everywhere.
So an amazing thing happened. I had some… Continue reading