a Post about Nothing

For the first time in I can’t remember i looked at my calendar this week and there it was staring staring me in the face, taunting me even! It was… nothing.

My week was free (for the most part). No appointments, no song preps, no plans. Ahhhh, how will I survive!!!

My first thought was, “What am I going to do?” i know… crazy, right! Life is crazy and it only gets crazier. Why do we always feel that we have to fill all our free time with something. We can be frantic (as I was) to fill it with anything.

I am not a lazy person but I do enjoy the occasional free day,uhh… I think! Its refreshing. But only if we let it be.

I came home from work Monday night after deciding to embrace the day, Carpe Diem! I had all night and I was going to give it to my son and wife. There I sat periodically wondering where my phone was and then remembering, oh yeah I put it away. In my brief down moments my mind immediately began racing trying to figure out something to do! You have been there right? (tell me I am not alone) It didn’t feel right not having my phone, not running from place to place , and actually having room to breathe. I have to tell you, a conversation is so much easier understood when there is no phone in your face! Can I get an Amen!

Maybe it is the thrill of the chase I enjoy. Maybe it is the feeling of accomplishment I get when I know I did it! Whatever IT may be.

So now here I found myself sitting on the bench. But… But… Who is in the game? Won’t the world stop spinning if I take a day off?

No… It won’t, and the truth of the matter is your checklist will never be done, there will always be something else to do.

As I sat there that night playing with my son I soon forgot about my phone, and all the things I needed to get done. I no longer felt compelled to do something with my day. I gave him all of me and I don’t regret a single second. As I layed him in bed last night, I wished the day was longer and we had more time!

I think of all that I would have missed if I chose to give in and waste my night by choosing lists over my son.

 I know that years from now when my son is older I won’t remember another busy night. I know I will always remember when we played so long and laughed so hard until he sat in my lap hugged me and began to fall asleep. THAT… I WILL NEVER forget!

Today, embrace your free time. It is precious, it is an endangered commodity in this life. It shouldn’t be taken for granted or wasted with minuscule details. Fight the urge to fill up every moment with something and enjoy the nothing. And if you don’t have any free time, then its time to make some,  and if you are a list person, then put it on your list and take pleasure on crossing it off.

Remember your purpose!


Die Distractions die

Do you ever find yourself doing everything else except for the thing that you are supposed to be doing? I do, all the time. Speaking of time. When I most find myself distracted by other things, is when I have the most free time.

All those pretty distractions! Let me at 'em

I will sit down with a plan to finish some task and inevitably it always happens. I find myself two hours later wondering what happened and why I didn’t accomplish anything that I needed to.
Oh those distractions, they so easily get in the way. Usually it goes something like this. I’ll get started… but real quick let me look at this. Sometimes I just open a browser and the title page has an interesting article that sucks me in.
So I made a decision. I started with my most important task. Taking the time to do my reading. My new rule was; no media until it was done. No Internet, social media, tv or anything like it! until I did my reading first. I started a month ago and it has been awesome.
At first It was a stretch for me, not to do things the way that I normally do them. The cool thing that it did though, was place my important task in my face.  It haunted me! I could’t push it aside any longer. Not if I wanted to use my phone for anything other than… a phone. And my Tv for more than wall decor. I can honestly say now, that I have enjoyed my reading times and usually end up going beyond what i need to do. It has become something I wantto do again.

who needs 'em

Maybe you have found yourself running out of time to do what is important, then perhaps it is time for you also, to re-evaluate all the non-important things you do, and see what you can do to change them. For me I am sticking to my new rule, for now at least until I find something new to distract me!

Happy New Plan

You know and have heard the saying,

“When you fail to plan, You plan to fail”. -unknown

You cannot really say it any simpler. There is so much truth and challenge in such a short sentence. I hear it loud and clear, without a plan I basically do not care. I can rationalize it in many ways (believe me I have). When it truly comes down to it and the rubber meats the road (what am I a car?) my rationalizations fail.  I find myself on a road not heading where I wanted to be heading and quite possibly stuck in a place I never intended to go to. 

Coincidentally(not really) it is the the dreaded time of the year to make plans. Happy New Year! Plans that are intended to put us on the course we want to be on, since most likely our last years resolutions have not made it through until now and we need to start over. Hopefully that wasn’t you (or me). Pause {Laughing}>>>

There is one area that I would like to focus on… The Word of God… i.e. the Bible.


Who really has a real paper Bible anymore?

Last year I started on a Bible reading plan and have for the most part been faithful to keep to it. It was a chronological year long read through. I am roughly 30 or so days away from completing it( i started in February, I know, blasphemous isnt it!). I have started to think about what I am going to do for the next year and how I can step up my game. I found this helpful list and thought I would pass it along. Check it out here.

It is full of great resources and different kinds of plans. I would challenge each of you to PLAN on doing something. Make a plan and don’t worry about failing, just commit to something. I am seriously considering doing the Grant Horners System… I haven’t decided yet.

You don’t have to pick one of these just make a plan and plan to keep it.

Don’t worry if it looks impossible or overwhelming, it might be. That is okay, what would you like to say next year( or next month for that matter). I really wanted to read the bible, but I decided NOT to even try. Wanting to do something and actually doing something are very very very different things. So stop wanting and start doing.

As for the rest of your resolutions, here is some encouragement, Feel free to come back and read theses from time to time if you like: You are GREAT, You are WOnderful, You can do it!

So what kind of plan are you planning on doing this year?

The Office-bosses

I went back and started watching old episodes of The Office this past week. This show always makes me a little uncomfortable and also makes me laugh. The subject matter is always a bit over-embelished but usually very true. That is just a great combo… it’s a win win win.

This particular episode was about accountability. The Office manager, Michael Scarn Scott, is met with the challenges of a new Boss. I can honestly say that I have been there,(as anyone in my small group can atest to) It is not an easy adjustment and I think the reasons are clear and simple… Continue reading

Guys… Guard Your Eyes

Alright here goes… This is a subject that I have studied a lot recently and looked to understand the dangers more and more. What could happen if I allow myself the pleasure of a moments glance?

What starts out as something so very small can very quickly spiral out of control.I have read multiple articles on people who have failed in this area. One in particular of a pastor who got so wrapped up in the area of pornography that he eventually went outside of his happy marriage multiple times.

I look at situations like this and think to myself probably the same thing he and all the rest of us think…

That could never happen to me!

That in itself is the most dangerous statement I can imagine… Continue reading


How good is good enough? If you are anything like me, then this is probably a question you have asked yourself a few times. I highly doubt I could manage an appropriate answer. I can however, look at what is going on behind the question.

My First Guitar!!

I have on occasion taught guitar to beginners. Whenever I teach I try to remember exactly how I felt at that moment when I was learning. (it also helps to drown out the noise) Continue reading


I have a new goal and as simple as it may seem it is one that is quite new and challenging to me.  It is to master the art of the response. I am a frequent communicator via email, amongst other things. It is convenient, Most everyone uses email and checks it on a regular basis. I check my online mailbox far more than my actual mail box at my house. Who really wants to buy a stamp anymore anyway? I also think it is an effective way to communicate to a group of people all at once. Although I have at times become increasingly irritated at the “no response”. I will go as far as to write “please reply” at the bottom in hope to get some sort of reply. How could someone just not reply to something that I need.

As I went through my own inbox the past few days I have made it a point to reply to everyones emails,texts, voicemails. I realized that I am no different. Continue reading