The Office-bosses

I went back and started watching old episodes of The Office this past week. This show always makes me a little uncomfortable and also makes me laugh. The subject matter is always a bit over-embelished but usually very true. That is just a great combo… it’s a win win win.

This particular episode was about accountability. The Office manager, Michael Scarn Scott, is met with the challenges of a new Boss. I can honestly say that I have been there,(as anyone in my small group can atest to) It is not an easy adjustment and I think the reasons are clear and simple… Continue reading


My Gas savings bucket list…

So Since the gas drama is in full swing, I thought I would put my own handy little list together (serious and not so serious) to get in the spirit of frugality. Maybe we can help each other out.   Putting gas in your car is a necessity in life. To get to the places we need to go we need cars and unfortunately cars need gas. As you drive around, those precious droplets of liquid gold are slowly (for some not quite slow enough) disintegrated into oblivion. They’re gone, never to be seen or heard from again. That is, unless you have an exhaust leak. In which case ROLL those windows down! CO is not good for you!! 

Now unless you are willing to move out to a rural area and buy yourself a horse and buggy (horses have a different kind of exhaust, but we won’t get into that) and work toward your goal of self sufficiency (as well as exclusiveness), then we must learn to cope. We can’t just sit by and reminisce about the days when gas was only 40 cents and a gallon of milk wasn’t infused with steroids (supposedly)! We can’t just live the same way as if it might go back to “normal”. I have news for you… Now is the new normal, so buckle up and get used to it. 
We have to be pro active. For those of you, like myself, that are spur-of-the-moment- never-think-ahead type people, this will be more of a challenge. 
Here is my list of things we could do, might already do, or probably never would even want to do.!.. Continue reading