No more Clones please

I am well aware that there are many people out there that do an awesome job. I am not talking about anything in particular, It’s a variety things you and I may admire.

Let’s start with someone you admire!

Think about it… You admire that person for a reason! They are great at what they do and you possibly even aspire to be like him or her in one way or another.

I admire a lot of qualities in a lot of different people. But, what good is my admiration if it becomes Idolization.

My admiration turns to fascination… wow

to inspiration… Teach me your ways

to over-indulgence… I need more

to Worship… so amazing

to straight-up idolization… There IS nothing else

…I cant be the only one here, can I?

What happens in the middle?

I lose sight of who I am. God created me as me. You as You. He really likes us the way he made us!

Instead of taking my admiration and allowing it to spur me on, to learn and be inspired. I instead try to become a cheap Knockoff!

Nobody likes a knockoff, Every one knows it is not authentic! Everyone knows it is trying to be something it isn’t! Everyone else can see it! And there I am hoping they see what it is trying to be.

Some come very close!

Quit trying to be something that you aren’t!

Uniqueness is something that can’t be ignored… It draws you to itself.

It breaks the cookie-cutter mold and tears open the mundane doors and bursts forth with colors unseen and sights so delicious you HAVE to have them!

Let’s celebrate our uniqueness!

You are pretty great already, don’t lose sight of who you are.


Die Distractions die

Do you ever find yourself doing everything else except for the thing that you are supposed to be doing? I do, all the time. Speaking of time. When I most find myself distracted by other things, is when I have the most free time.

All those pretty distractions! Let me at 'em

I will sit down with a plan to finish some task and inevitably it always happens. I find myself two hours later wondering what happened and why I didn’t accomplish anything that I needed to.
Oh those distractions, they so easily get in the way. Usually it goes something like this. I’ll get started… but real quick let me look at this. Sometimes I just open a browser and the title page has an interesting article that sucks me in.
So I made a decision. I started with my most important task. Taking the time to do my reading. My new rule was; no media until it was done. No Internet, social media, tv or anything like it! until I did my reading first. I started a month ago and it has been awesome.
At first It was a stretch for me, not to do things the way that I normally do them. The cool thing that it did though, was place my important task in my face.  It haunted me! I could’t push it aside any longer. Not if I wanted to use my phone for anything other than… a phone. And my Tv for more than wall decor. I can honestly say now, that I have enjoyed my reading times and usually end up going beyond what i need to do. It has become something I wantto do again.

who needs 'em

Maybe you have found yourself running out of time to do what is important, then perhaps it is time for you also, to re-evaluate all the non-important things you do, and see what you can do to change them. For me I am sticking to my new rule, for now at least until I find something new to distract me!

Guys… Guard Your Eyes

Alright here goes… This is a subject that I have studied a lot recently and looked to understand the dangers more and more. What could happen if I allow myself the pleasure of a moments glance?

What starts out as something so very small can very quickly spiral out of control.I have read multiple articles on people who have failed in this area. One in particular of a pastor who got so wrapped up in the area of pornography that he eventually went outside of his happy marriage multiple times.

I look at situations like this and think to myself probably the same thing he and all the rest of us think…

That could never happen to me!

That in itself is the most dangerous statement I can imagine… Continue reading

I heart you

Psalm 139:23 Examine me, and probe my thoughts! Test me, and know my concerns! 24 See if there is any idolatrous tendency in me, and lead me in the reliable ancient path!

David’s words ring so clear to me so often. God look inside and search me. I know that I do not even know myself as well as you know me!

The truth is there is more of me inside and there needs to be more of God.

David knew that he had not “arrived”. As awesome of a man as King David was, he still knew he needed God’s help to continue to learn and grow. When you look at yourself today would you say that your doing alright? If so then this is the prayer for you (and me). Just like David we need God to reveal things in us that are leading (even our thoughts) on an idolatrous path. Thoughts that can lead to actions unless kept in check. What’s even more dangerous is that without him we would not even realize it. Continue reading

Tv, tv, or tv…

I was listening to the radio the other day and heard something interesting. The broadcasters were talking about a show that they were watching and how awful it was and subsequently, what they ended up watching instead. They posed the question “what did you watch instead?”

Caller after caller talked about the useless things they flipped the channel to. It begged the question inside of me, Why not just turn the tv off? I have to wonder how many people just watched any useless thing because they were already there in front of… What else but their Tv.

I am guilty of it too. Once the tv is on there are so many choices to waste your time watching(even without cable). I have at times, got caught up with watching something I really didn’t  want to just because there was nothing else on at that time. I know now and even then that I could have done something far more productive, but I got sucked in. Of course I’m talking about Tv here, but we all have our vices. I can waste an entire day online, gaming, facebook whatever it is… and never really do the things that really matter. I am not trying to say these things are wrong. In the words of Paul, “everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial”.
The bible tells me to seek first the kingdom of God but most times I don’t even choose to seek him last. I instead choose not at all.
What Are your choices today?
Is it tv, tv, or tv? If your so busy you don’t have time for God but plenty of time for all these other things, then it is time to re-evaluate your choices, then… Choose Christ!

“If it means so much to you that you would be crushed without it, then it’s an idol”…
Crush it!