Who’s your Daddy…


Before Julian (my Son) was born all the fathers that I talked to told me that it would be the greatest experience of my life. I didn’t know what to think and to be honest I didn’t feel much of anything… Yet.
It was a freezing cold dreary morning. I got out of bed and went through my normal routine. I was unusually awake and although I knew that at any moment Alyssa could tell me “it’s time” I didn’t think much of it. I started my normal work routine and was listening to some songs on my phone through my radio. The song turned off and I thought it was strange but kept working. I then Heard the ringing of the company phone over the loud speaker…

Strange, I thought, who would call the shop this early. That’s when It clicked in my mind. “Its TIME you dummy”. Needless to say, the next 6 hours were a blurr and then He (Julian Arredondo… who needs a middle name, really) was here. It was the moment that we had waited for and it was finally here. Words cannot express the joy that I felt when I held him in my arms. I held back the tears just thinking about it all. Alyssa was amazing going through delivery (Thank You God for making me a man). We both sat back later and enjoyed our new and perfect blessing. That was a Good Friday… Continue reading


Looking ahead…


It’s hard to remember what exactly you were doing at any given moment in the past. Unless of course it’s not… There are those times I remember exactly what I was doing. I was sitting on my couch exactly 4 years ago tonight trying to convince Rachael that my plan was a good one.

You see, she told me she wanted me to make some pictures in the house out of wood. I thought I could do it out of poster board and markers. She wasn’t convinced… Continue reading

>Happy Valentines YEAR!

>Valentines day is such an interesting time of the year. It is a time when men and women alike are reminded that we are supposed to cherish that special someone that God has placed in our life. I say reminded because we forget. Naturally we tend to get complacent with things. It’s easy to think “Ya ya I see you every day”.

What makes you think of and appreciate your wife or husband? What is that special thing that they do for you and have always done, that lets you know they love you? Or do you just overlook it because it’s so normal to you know. What do you do for them now that you started because…
you loved them enough to want to serve them? and even more to think about, do you now do this just out of habit? Or worse, do you do it with an attitude? Do you selfishly serve your wife or husband because of what it will benefit you? Do you complain in the midst of serving? I ask all of these questions to myself as well.

Phil 2 :3 Don’t be selfish; don’t live to make a good impression on others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourself. 4 Don’t think only about your own affairs, but be interested in others, too, and what they are doing.

Phil 2:14 In everything you do, stay away from complaining and arguing

 Its starts with a choice. Love isn’t a feeling. When we feel happy its easy to “Love”, but when you are feeling down you can still love. God says the way to Love him is to obey him. This isn’t based on how we feel. It’s based on a choice we make to obey or not to obey. When we make the right choice, we express our true love. We can say we love someone or that we love God, but the truth is expressed not in our words, but in our actions. To love my wife is to serve her. Even when I don’t think she deserves it, even when I feel like I don’t want to, and especially even when she’s wrong (at least in my mind she’s wrong, I mean I can’t be wrong, right?). 
Seriously though, What I have found is that when I serve her I get as much joy out of it as she does. I then start to look for more ways to express my love to her. And when she feels loved, its easier for her to express her love to me. It can be a cycle that doesn’t stop. I am no expert on marriage(for sure). I was married for 4 years to an amazing woman that I, at many times, took for granted. After she passed I am extremely blessed to be married again, to an equally amazing woman now for a year and a half. I know I still have a lot to learn (can you say understatement?). Of course these verses are true for anyone not just my wife, but I can’t do it everywhere else and not to the person that is supposed to matter to me most. Although it may be difficult to humbly think of others as more highly than myself, I know that God’s word will never fail me. So since I can and it’s my blog, I thought I would list some of the great ways Allie shows her love for me…

1- She will make me something to eat no matter what time of the day (or night) it is and how tired or busy she is, not only that, but she will do it with a smile. 2- she knows my schedule better than I do and makes sure I don’t miss anything important, and doesn’t make me feel dumb for forgetting. 3- If There is something I need to do she will set what I need it in a place she knows I will not forget it, and even send me reminders throughout the day. 4- She encourages me constantly, even about the smallest things in our life. 5- She always thanks me and tells me how much she appreciates me when I serve her.
She does all of these things not on one day of the year. She does it everyday and never complains. 

>Today or Tomorrow

>Matthew 5:4 Blessed are those who mourn, For they shall be comforted

Hospitals are not my favorite places. Leading up to the time it was for Alyssa to have the baby I was becoming increasingly nervous. There are so many things to think about and so many things that can go wrong and right. I am naturally a pretty easygoing person and always assume the best will happen.
Being in the Hospital all night brings back so many memories. Nights staying in a hospital with my wife Rachael (who passed away April 2007) when she was going through so much. She almost always did it all with a smile. If she was in pain she didn’t show it to anyone except me and even then it was minimal. She was a fighter and a tough Chick. And a sassy one for sure. I know the night Rachael died I thought it was going to be a normal experience. I had seen her go through surgeries and come out. I had taken her home and seen her have hard nights where breathing normally was extremely difficult, and she always came through. I would say I was extremely optimistic when the ambulance took her away. Well that was the last night I ever saw her. If it taught me anything, it’s that life is so unexpected.
I often catch myself worrying about small things. A night when perhaps Alyssa is out with friends and doesn’t call me back right away. At moments like that my head races with possibilities of what might have happened as to why she isn’t answering. Of course few of them are good. A while later when she finally calls there is a mixture of relief and anger. An over-reaction to say the least. It says in God’s word that no one is promised tomorrow. God doesnt want us to live in fear of what may happen. We aren’t promised another day. Today is the day we should live for.
Needless to say when you experience loss you learn to appreciate what you have.
I lost Rach almost 4 years ago and a baby 5 years ago (baby Raul).
Today I have a living wife and a living baby. I know I dont deserve this grace and love, but I hope to cherish those two as long as God blesses me with them…one day at a time

>Don’t Make Sense

>So God is so amazing, Why? Well let me tell you. Nothing that He does ever makes any sense. And really who am I to understand God . Is it even possible? He is so Great and has everything planned out, to work out perfectly. Life does not go on by any means easy and perfect. There is always something that is going on and falling apart and God is still always there. Okay so He is God and He knows everything. So is He standing there watching me going “ohh come on make the right choice”, Just like we watch children when they dont know we are watching them, just to see what they do when they think no one is around? I don’t know, I kind of like to think that He is. And just like us, maybe He is happy when we do the right thing. But Still God makes the impossible possible! It says in 1st Corinthians, that the foolishness of God is wiser than man’s wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than Man’s strength. The words Foolish and weak and God just don’t seem like they go together. I think its just a way of putting it in a way that we can understand it. Of course God is not foolish or weak, But that is how much greater than us He is. Our Wisest is still only as foolish to him.
God takes situations in my life and says “Here, have this”, even though it makes no sense. I lost my wife,Rachael, a year and a half ago. And somehow God brought me to a place where I was thankful for Him, and In love with Him. Now He has brought an amazing person into my life that I’ll get to spend it with, and to me it makes no sense. I lost my job. I was making good money on a terrible shift, and it was a blessing from Him. Then I lost that job, and that was a blessing from Him, I was able to spend the entire summer serving and spending time with Alyssa, And doing ministry that I love. It makes no sense. Now I get a better job with better hours in an economy that is broken, It makes no sense. Sure it made less sense while I was going through it, and at times it was difficult to serve, to give money, and to be positive. But obedience to God always pays off, Because He works for the good of those that love him. Right now My Future wife is 3000 miles away and when I talk to her it always seems that we are learning the same things! For some reason God decided to seperate us for 3 months, to teach us the same thing! It doesnt make sense, But one thing is for sure, God’s plan never makes sense to me. So I am going to trust him. He’s got it all together and it’s all for a reason. So like it says at the end of 1st Corinthians chapter 1 “Let Him who boasts, boast of the Lord”, So I will just give Him all the credit, since He did it all. And its all so that he will get the glory. Maybe your going through something that is difficult. Just trust in him and obey, And He will suprise you and bless you for it, even when it makes no sense.