Say hello to the bad guy:part 2

If you want to know WHY I am the bad guy you can read part 1 here

In my last post I mentioned that I had to teach my son about choices and consequences. He made a poor decision and much to his dismay, he had to endure the consequences for those actions.

He was undoubtably wrong in choosing to defame the wall of his father. But what did he immediately do?

He blamed!

All he knew was he got in trouble, so he blamed his father for being the bad guy! His father must have wanted him to get a spanking, his father wanted him to be in time out. His father was being mean and bad by disciplining him.

The fact that he made a wrong choice was overshadowed by the consequence of it.

He forgot it was his poor judgement that put him in that place.

He FAILED to take responsibility! I know I know he’s three he has much to learn. How can we relate?

You see, it’s not enough to suffer the consequences! We won’t learn from our mistakes until we accept our part in them.

Proverbs 26:11 As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his foolishness.

We all know the person that never wants to “own” up to their mistakes or shortcomings. They want to blame “The bad guy”; The cop who shouldn’t have been there, The guy for pressing them to do it, The girl who handed them the drug! We made the choice… we had to decide whether or not we wanted walk on the side of our values or not. When we chose wrong we immediately want to blame.(because it can’t be me of course).

Okay we all know that person, but let’s be honest! The reason we know that person is because we are that person. We have to take responsibility and then learn from our mistakes. Hopefully my son learned that if HE makes a poor choice it’s on him. It is because of what he did.

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When we play the blame game we never learn, when we don’t learn we keep making the same mistakes and blaming something else. Do yourself a favor! take it from me, The “bad guy”, learn to admit when you are wrong and made a mistake or made a poor choice sooner rather than later.then you will be happier like this guy!



Diaper Day

Wow! It has been awhile since I have wrote on here. Time is so valuable, but I thought this was worth it.

I woke up today knowing that it was going to be me and both my babies today… all day! Allie has to work, so I am watching those little stinkers all day. I have been excited all week. Not for the crying and constant attentiveness, just for those cute little smiles and giggles. I don’t get this much time with them often. I am either at school, or work, or hospital rotations.

Let me run you a little through my day. I woke up and played a little with the two of them wishing it wasn’t before 9 am that I had to get up and start working. I say working because taking care of my kids is so much work. It is very rewarding, but like I said earlier you need to keep your eyes open, ears ready, and that baby girl out of the dog food (I failed twice already) Why does she love to eat dog food! Allie may be at work today but honestly it will probably be a break for her. She stays home everyday and tirelessly takes care of our baby kids. She doesn’t get breaks usually, and there is no “Quitting time”. I do not envy her, BUT I am so appreciative and respect what she does. If you are a mom you are truly a superhero.

So then I made breakfast because Julian was asking for “Breapust”. Hey I’m getting good at speaking toddler! We ate some eggs and I fed the baby girl. Then She sat and played with pretty much the coolest baby toy you can imagine… The cord to the coffee pot… whatever, she loved it (unplugged of course)… whilst I did the dishes and Beanie watched a show. We came in the living room and watched and played with toys for a while. Then came the dreaded time, feared by all men everywhere… diaper time. It just never ends!! You think you know, but you have no idea. I managed my way through it and got them both dressed and then Sissy was crying and Beanie was asking for “breapust” again. Being the troubleshooting aficionado that I am, I concluded that they were hungry (I know You are impressed aren’t you) hey they can’t teach this stuff in school people!  So I made some celery and PB. So like any kid would do (and adult for that matter), he licked off all the peanut butter and left the rabbit food for the rabbits. I made him eat some celery. I don’t know why it just seemed like the right thing to do. I fed sissy, gave her an Albuterol updraft, Then it’s diaper time… again! We went down on the basement because Julian was carrying his drum sticks around all day in anticipation. So while he banged on his drum kit I played with sissy on the floor.

Before long we were listening to music, singing, dancing, I was pushing them in cars. Then it happened. In the middle of 2 PA Speakers blarring obnoxiously loud music, Lexi fell asleep in my arms… (only my child!) So we went upstairs and put her down for a nap. Then Julian said to me “Monster TRUCK??!!??”  So I pulled up some Monster Jam videos on Youtube. He was loving it (hey who doesn’t), as he always does! After a while he fell asleep and I put him in his bed.

I know that they are about to wake up and then the chaos ensues. As much energy as they take, It is pretty much the best way to spend a saturday. They had tons of fun and so did I. There were tears, joy, crying and laughing. They are babies it all happens!  It is amazing to think that Lexi is almost 1yo, She keeps saying new words and will be walking so soon. They are growing up as fast as people tell me they will. I am glad I had the chance to just be with them today. Ever since Julian was a month old I would come in and sit in front of him and ask him how his day was and what he did. It is so cool to see him sit and think about it now and then give me an answer. He’s a big boy. If you read this whole thing looking for some insight at the end I don’t have it. As a parent I don’t know squat. I am learning as I go. I learn everyday. What I do have have is a sense of appreciation. Appreciate the little time you have. Appreciate the people you love. Appreciate your wife! Don’t get mad about what you don’t have, Make what you do have count.

Alright enough sentimental stuff, Im gonna get some “Breapust” im hungry!


Battlefield normalcy

I always say it… It’s the little things that matter.

There we were standing, ready, prepared to take on the world. I had my toolbag in hand, some call it a diaper bag, others call it necessary tools for success. Nothing could stop us. It was us against the world, and the world was about to lose. We knew our goal. We knew the outcome before we started. We would succeed, we had to succeed! There was no turning back now and only cowards knew the way anyway. We trudged forward… Determined! I started up the engine. With a few quick short bursts it ferociously roared to life. The gentle purr of the engine a precursor to the explosiveness that lay dormant, ready to take flight if need be…

So I gently revved the engine of the little white mini van as I made up some random song to sing my baby son. (he enjoyed it)

That’s right, there was no speech, no last words that inspire thousands to die on the battlefield of nobility. There was no loud cheers to spur a dead sprint to face the enemy and possibly eternity. It was just Saturday morning. It was a normal day. It was me and my son. We would spend the day together. A day that we would most likely soon forget. Jumbled together with the hundreds of other days just like it. What makes this day so special you ask? Ah hah now I knew I had you at hello! The truth is there may not be anything that makes it note-able. But… Special… it is (a little Yoda-esque no?) I have time with my son, time I would never get back if I missed. Time I would always regret if I didn’t take advantage of it. So take advantage… I did (Yoda laugh)

You see time is something we can’t get enough of and always need more of. I spent the day, laughing, singing, feeding, playing, smiling, and loving my son. All of those things are so little, All of those things aren’t the things that we sit down and plan out. They just happen throughout the course of a day. Couple them with thousands more just like them and we have something that is memorable… Something that is to be cherished.

That is a life that is spent on what really matters. I look at my son daily and thank God for such an awesome person to share my life with. He has forever changed the way I look at the world. For as long as I can I hope to have as many uneventful days like I did this Saturday. Ones where we are just living life together and laughing a lot in the process. That’s my prayer today. That I don’t take the little things for granted.

And I beg you my friend… don’t you either!


Oh So Violent

With the violence that took place in Norway it has reminded me of the violent world we live in. Fortunately for many of us it never hits close to Home. I can turn on the news and hear story after story that reminds me of the dangers that are out there. That is close enough for me.

I am not saying that its time to crawl in a cave with my shotgun and shoot off the marauders. But It makes me wonder how someone can say that have recieved inspiration from the Unabomber. Really, when you think inspiration the last thing that comes to your mind should be a mass murderer. YOU can say that these are extreme and isolated incidents. Well okay… but still… Continue reading