The Awkward Conversationalist

I had a recent conversation with someone and she told me I was good at making conversation. This astounded me.

I remember times hanging out with my good friend Felix. He would naturally talk to anyone and everyone. I remember thinking it was so cool and wished that I could just conversate in the same way.

My mind doesn’t work quite that way. I am not necessarily quick with response. I like to contemplate the words and thoughtfully place them in appropriate situations. This just isn’t always possible in life however.

Naturally as I watched others like Felix, I began to pick up on some things. First of all You have to get over yourself, your feelings that you don’t have anything worth saying. In saying nothing to anyone you are conveying to everyone that you don’t really care and people don’t really matter. So… Continue reading


Unswerving serving…

There are things in life that we all have to do that we don’t really mind doing and maybe quite rather enjoy. Then there are those things we wouldn’t mind never doing at all, if we could help it. One of those lovely chores is cleaning a toilet…

    Everyone has to do it (mostly everyone). It could be at work or home or school. If you are extremely blessed, you work in a building that has a janitor. I wish my house had a janitor! God bless the janitors and cleaners of the world. Now you know what i say… Continue reading


>Selfish… That is a frightening word. I think it becomes even more frightening when you realize its about you. Think about it… when someone else is selfish it is so ugly. No one wants to be around someone like that. Its something that we all learn about as a child. Don’t be selfish and share. I read a question recently and it made me think about it.

“What does God want to make shiny and new in YOU?”
I started looking at how I had been living lately. Everything pointed to myself. My time, my stuff, my money, what I wanted, what i didn’t want around me. That is a lot of me. I went to the store with Allie and hated every moment of it. I tried my hardest to get through it without complaining. The Truth is I was just a jerk. Seriously, It was all about Alyssa and what she needed to get done so I hated it. Forget the fact that I got to spend some time with her, which I don’t get to do a lot lately. After reading that question I started to think of ways to serve her and did a few. It was a little hard at first. Here is where I think I realized how bad I was.
I was sitting at the table working on something and she was cleaning and putting stuff away. She dropped some rice all over the floor, I was a little annoyed because she made some noise when I was trying to get stuff done. See what a punk I am. I knew that she was going to finish putting the rice away and then clean up the mess. I knew that I could stay right where I was and she would do all the work. Thats when I noticed my selfishness. So I got up and made a decision to serve. I got down and picked it up for her and cleaned the floor. She was so thankful. Thats just one little example and I am sure that my life is full of many more that I can change. I only need to get outside of MY world and look at the world around and start to serve. Maybe there is something that God wants to point out and change in you. Maybe it’s selfishness or something else. Whatever it is I pray you would see it now and we can work at being more like Him together.