Say hello to the bad guy?!? part 1

Yep that’s me… The bad guy! Allow me to explain…

It was a normal day… I was hanging out with my family working on a project. My son as smart as he is knows that writing on the wall=bad. So being the testy young lad that he is, having a momentary lapse in judgement, he decided it was a GOOD idea to write on the wall with a pen. I told him with all the love a father could “where’s your head son”(not a direct quote but gets the point across). After some persuasion, He then agreed with me that he would no longer write on any walls. We had a gentlemen’s agreement, if you will!

A while later the strapping young lad had a pen in his hand and his mother, in her gentle motherly way reminded him of his fathers words and not to write on the wall.

This is the point we all can relate to!
He had his pen so close to the wall and wheels were spinning! He had to make a CHOICE!

photo (3)Needless to say… he chose wrong.

He ultimately suffered the consequences and after a few minutes and tears streaming he stood up and with a hint of tears still in his eyes he looked at me and said it “Dad you’re a bad guy”.

I took him in my arms and asked him why he was in trouble and he admitted that HE made a wrong choice. I reminded him that every choice he makes has a consequence, good and bad, and if makes a choice he has to deal with those consequences and accept responsibility for them.

How many times have I held the pen?

Knowing what was right and what was wrong

Knowing that the path I choose might not end well for me

Knowingly standing in the place right next to the very wall that I never needed to be any where near.

Knowingly disregarding sound, WISE, advice to do what I know in my heart I should do.

How often do I play with a little fire and don’t get burned, It was warm sure, But I could handle it. The fire was tempting and I made it through. The little bit didn’t hurt. Convincing me I can “Handle” what God says I don’t even need.

As followers of God we accept the fact that God will always be there in the midst of the fire and often forget to Take RESPONSIBILITY at times for being in it. Sure there are circumstances beyond our control, That is not what I am talking about this time.

Maybe you are playing with Fire (or a pen) and you know you shouldn’t. You have gotten burned in the past but you think you can handle it now.

Take it from the Bad Guy, Don’t willingly choose to walk towards what God has already redeemed you from. If you and I are going to choose, Choose to walk closer to God.



Here we go

Do you ever have so many things to do that You just don’t know where to start. For me, when that happens: I think through my list, take it all in, then do something else entirely. It’s crazy I know, but we all need an escape from time to time. I do something else and then look at it with fresh eyes a little later.

You might be saying how in the world would this work? Well maybe it doesn’t… exactly, but it calms me down so I can get back to business. It could be the only reason I don’t get stressed easily. As long as I am working on something else my mind can have a little escape from the madness.

Right now is one of those moments. I have much I need to work on, or could be working on, But instead I am writing. For no other reason but to clear my head. I was on the verge of Anger, Frustration, fear, Anxiety, Carelessness, Giving up, Lashing out… at myself and others! Mainly myself! So, Here goes… Continue reading

Well Worship

It has been sooooo hot the past few weeks and I am gearing up for a lot. after a bout with discouragement I decided to break the silence with a challenge.

The Challenge

Some of us love the idea of a challenge. One that we could wrap our hearts around, it is different for everyone. Our gears start turning. Rusty bolts get oiled and chains re-lubed. We pull out the old machine and buy some new gear. Start telling everyone about it. We study and get ready to run out there full steam.

Nothing can stop you at this point, and even if they tried you would welcome the scrapes and bruises. You wield the challenge like a shiny new toy. Never let it out of your sight or your mind. It is all you think about. You ponder how you can get a step ahead, and dream about the…

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I came across a really cool idea today. On Pastor Chilly’s blog… Check it out here

Pastor Chilly challenged his entire church to write their own Psalm and share it. As I read his, it got me excited (He tends to do that) What a cool idea. I immediately started thinking… What would mine say? So I came home and started writing!

Here it is…

Even from birth You chose me, it was for Your glory

I didn’t know it, I didnt care.

I was carefree, that is how You made me.

I know You fashioned me with the same hands that You made everything I see.

Unique just like every snowflake, and every grain of sand.

It is all so incredible, I can only imagine that is what You think of me too.


All of creation proclaims who You are, so why shouldn’t I?

Just my heart beating all on it’s own is evidence of You.

My lungs inhaling Oxygen and sustaining life is praise all in itself,

so why shouldn’t my lips do the same?

You gave me understanding so I could speak.

My brain telling my lips to move and

my vocal chords to vibrate creating sound from nothing is by your design!

Why shouldn’t my voice praise You too?


Only you create life from nothing and breathe creation.

So my lips should continually speak of Your magnificence

That I could feel You as near as I know You are.


How could I repay? I can’t! so I try to hold You high

You looked inside and still love my soul.

Now I am captured, Even when I fall I am caught by You,

Even when I choose darkness you love me enough to show me the way back,

You made a way out

So I chose it.

I chose your way over mine…

Then I chose my way over Yours

Your ways are better.. Not because I heard it was so…

but You let me do it my way so I could SEE how glorious You are

so I continue to choose You.

Die Distractions die

Do you ever find yourself doing everything else except for the thing that you are supposed to be doing? I do, all the time. Speaking of time. When I most find myself distracted by other things, is when I have the most free time.

All those pretty distractions! Let me at 'em

I will sit down with a plan to finish some task and inevitably it always happens. I find myself two hours later wondering what happened and why I didn’t accomplish anything that I needed to.
Oh those distractions, they so easily get in the way. Usually it goes something like this. I’ll get started… but real quick let me look at this. Sometimes I just open a browser and the title page has an interesting article that sucks me in.
So I made a decision. I started with my most important task. Taking the time to do my reading. My new rule was; no media until it was done. No Internet, social media, tv or anything like it! until I did my reading first. I started a month ago and it has been awesome.
At first It was a stretch for me, not to do things the way that I normally do them. The cool thing that it did though, was place my important task in my face.  It haunted me! I could’t push it aside any longer. Not if I wanted to use my phone for anything other than… a phone. And my Tv for more than wall decor. I can honestly say now, that I have enjoyed my reading times and usually end up going beyond what i need to do. It has become something I wantto do again.

who needs 'em

Maybe you have found yourself running out of time to do what is important, then perhaps it is time for you also, to re-evaluate all the non-important things you do, and see what you can do to change them. For me I am sticking to my new rule, for now at least until I find something new to distract me!

I Love IT, I Hate it

Today I was sitting back and thinking a little bit about the things I love, really the things we all love.

It is so true that we find the time for the things we love. Some things are just easy to love. They can be rewarding, entertaining, fun, they take no amount of effort on my part whatsoever. But the problem is, what if the thing I love isn’t fun, it’s draining. It is for lack of a better word… Work.

Here is A shot form my work!

We all know work. Work is what we call that thing we do while we are waiting to do what we really want. Sure, You may be the lucky one that enjoys your job. But the bottom line is, it is still work. You HAVE to do it. I know that there are times that I love what I do. Continue reading

>I know I know…

>This summer has been an amazing one, I feel as though I have gone leaps and bounds beyond where I was a year ago. It was only then That I became a Worship Leader. I still can’t beleive that God can use someone like me. I am challenged more and more everyday and now it seems every time I step into work in the Morning I wonder how I can be better and Shine HIS light more. I don’t know how every day brings a new and different challenge, But somehow it always does. In everything I do I wonder how I can be more like Jesus. Things that I once never questioned I now question. Is Christ the center of my life? I find myself wondering that more and more. This summer started with a challenge.
The challenge… To read the whole bible in a summer. Can I do it? Do I even want to accept this challenge? Iv’e read a lot of the bible but never from cover to cover. And honestly theres a lot in there that I skipped over in the past and ruled out as irrelevent. I know I am not alone here on this point. Come on. I mean honestly The New testament is so much more interesting Right? Wrong! Was I ever wrong. I openly admit I was completely and totally wrong about everything I ever thought about the book that sat closed on my dresser far more than open. I looked at the task as just that, A Task. And through it God showed me so much more. The word of God is so amazing and Now I look back and what started as 13 chapters a day turned into Reading about Life. As I read and read I craved more and more. God is awesome that way. The things I once thought I understood He shows me there is so much more to it. I still havent finished it, Im coming up on the New testament and I know that God has so much more to teach me. Here is what I read today.
1 Corinthians 4:18 Stop deceiving yourselves. If you think You are wise by the worlds standards,
You need to become a fool to be truly wise. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God. God Knows the thoughts of the wise, He knows they are worthless.”
So basically as one wise man once said “Im a just a worm” compared to God

Every time I think I KNOW God or I KNOW about God , God comes in and shows me I know nothing. Somehow he still uses me, It all makes sense to him. I walked in the break room today To buy a oatmeal creme pie out of the machine. My co-worker looked at me and said “Whats that your reading.” I showed him my Bible and said “The BIBLE” and he looked away and said sarcastically “Thats interesting” and so I said “Yea actually It’s very Interesting” . and it is read it You will see!

“The worm”